Abortion: The unspoken topic in our churches

January 29, 2018

Somewhere in the world, in this moment, a Christian woman is desperate. She is thinking about having an abortion, she is struggling with her situation, the circumstances in her life and the Holy Spirit. She knows that God hates abortion, it is killing one of His beloved children.

This woman is a member of God‘s family, and probably a member of a church family. Athough that is the case, she feels alone, seperate from other brothers and sisters and far from God. We as Christians in a church have the duty to help women in these situations. We have to know that this situation is more common than we may think it is (take a look at this report). We should offer support and perhaps a help center, within the church, where ladies can be honest and real and receive practical and financial help, as well as counseling from the surrounding fellowship. If these women know that there will be help in their daily situations, like baby-sitters, finances, somebody to talk etc., they may decide against having an abortion. This type of set-up will be an expense for your church, but it will rescue lives and offer priceless help for single mothers and unprepared parents.

That young life is from God! And God is their god!

 “You have been my guide since I was first formed…from my mother’s womb you are my God” Psalm 22:10-11.

More bible passages that encourage a pro-life position on abortion

Unwanted pregnancy from rape

If a baby is conceived from rape, it is still life from God and has the right to life. Today there are so many people who cannot fall pregnant and have a deep desire to have a child. For them, it can be a blessing to adopt this baby. We, as the church, have to encourage women with unwanted pregnancies to still give birth to their babies, without too much pressure. We are not in her situation, so we should refrain from judging them as that is not helpful, especially after rape. If the pregnant mother receives support, help and encouragement through positive words, prayers and practical help, yet she still decides to abort, we are not to judge her, she is still a child of God, a sinner like you and me. Her situation is difficult and you cannot understand her struggle.

For pastors, be aware that there may be women in your church who have had an abortion and are alone in their struggle. This is the case because abortion is often a topic that is taboo within a church setting. Your church members should know that they are welcome to approach you and receive help, love and counseling that is free from condemnation and judgment. These people already know that what they have done, (or are considering doing) is sinful, they know this by looking at God’s Word and through the Holy Spirit who is our conscience, but they also know that they are weak and need help.

To make an effort to prevent abortion, your church will benefit by including this topic in your church agenda and having a team that focuses on helping women in need and working to educate the youth in your community. A good idea would be to invite women who have experienced an abortion and ask them to share their experience and encourage a pro-life approach.

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