Should we use In-vitro fertilisation?

November 20, 2017

Some Christian couples wait for years to fall pregnant, yet they suffer when they do not get that positive test signal on a pregnancy test. This challenges their faith and their Christian journey and many of these couples consider in-vitro-fertilization as a God-given technique.

Let us take a closer look at what In-vitro-fertilization is and what the Bible has to say about it:

What is in-vitro-fertilization? In-vitro fertilisation is the process of joining a sperm and egg together outside a woman’s body, then placing the fertilised egg, or zygote, in the woman’s body so that she can fall pregnant. The problem is that the doctor does not fertilise one egg, but many eggs are fertilised. These eggs are grown and stimulated through hormone therapy. This great article from the Ministry Magazine will educate you on how the process works, what the Bible says, how the health of the woman is affected, and why it is a negative process that should be avoided.

I wish for you that your dream of starting a family will become a reality, whether with biological children or through adoption. May God guide you and carry you through this challenging time.

P.S. A great help for you if you are struggling to fall pregnant, is this product; it increases your chance of naturally falling pregnant up to 80% and for adoption you will find great information at this Christian organisation’s page.

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