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Family Life Facilitator Manual
Family Life Facilitator
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This manual is intended for facilitators who wish to host study groups based on the Student Manual. The content is identical to the Student Manual, but includes additional discussion points, statistics, homework assignments and activities.

Teachers Manual: That is the introduction from the Manual

Dear Teachers, youth pastors and leaders

In the past seventy years, the divorce rate, even among Christians, has reached an extreme high and the desire to have children and build a family is very low. We, as Christian educators, have to do something! The first goal of the various products and courses that I offer is to encourage unmarried young adults and youth to think about preparing for partnership, marriage and parenting. The preparation for partnership and building a strong family foundation is becoming increasingly important in Western societies.

Therefore, a second goal is to give those students, who will work within the course material, a good foundation of scientific insights and Biblical wisdom.

Finally, a more prevalent goal is to expose all students not only the intellectual aspects of choosing a partner, but also exposing them to the rich foundations of God’s great idea of living as a couple and building a strong, Godly family in this day and age. I hope and pray that, as time goes on, many students will take a foundational course similar to the one offered here.

These Preparing For Partnership Manuals have been specially designed as a basis for discussing relational controversies within a safe context. This Family Life Manual discusses the important topic of choosing a partner and having a stable family foundation.

The decision to follow Jesus is the most important decision you will ever make. Choosing a partner and committing to them in marriage is a close second. The course is designed for 7-8 sessions, each taking approximately 60 minutes. This Facilitator’s manual contains the contents of the student manuals, as well as additional information on issues (Biblical and scientific) and statistics. Furthermore there are methods and educational tips to assist you in implementing the sessions. These can be found at the Appendix.

Overall, the course is designed very broadly and informally so that students, whether still in their youth or in later years, can feel comfortable to discuss their own ideas and then compare them with the contents of the course. The tips and methods that are provided with each chapter are only a suggestion. If you use them, the students will learn, among other things, to create an online or Facebook survey; they will learn how to collect information, statistics and then analyse them. The proposed structure is only one way to perform the course, you are free to study further and create your own exercises and teaching methods.

Good luck and may God bless your work.

Please note that we support caring for the environment. All of our manuals are available via download. This encourages an environmentally friendly approach – no cost of transport, time-saving, more flexible using your own print abilities and it is more cost efficient.

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Contents of Manual

Preface by the Author

Information page about other products
Additional section for facilitators from The Systemwide Training
• Education Workgroup (STEW) of the University of California.
• Teaching Methods
• Literacy Levels
• Learning Styles
• The Cone of Learning
• Experience
• Training Materials
• Using PowerPoint
• Using Flip Charts

Introduction (LESSON 1)
Why is the family unit so important? What does the Bible say?
“God created male and female…”
Research agrees
Your innate desire to be valued
The greatest example
Discussion points

Preparing For Partnership (LESSON 2)
• Whose standard do you maintain? The world’s or God’s?
• Look to God’s Word for guidelines
• The family unit is at risk
• What if I don’t marry? Am I incomplete?
• A solid foundation is key
• You have twelve minutes… Insight about physical attraction (LESSON 3)
• Scriptures and discussion points (LESSON 4)
• Entering into marriage (LESSON 5)
• Basic principles
• Key conversations (LESSON 6)
• Should we have children and why?
• Why is marriage a good idea?
• Practical tips and ideas for a good family life (LESSON 7)

Open Questions (LESSON 8)
Space for notes

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