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Christian Partnership Test from Fit for Family

The Christian Partnership Test from Fit for Family is a unique test that assists in helping young couples to confront and assess existential aspects of their partnership. It will provide a starting point for conversations, as well as helping you make a decision as to whether the partner in question is right for you. The online test is scientifically designed, comprising of more than forty questions that are answered independently by each person. A Special introductory price for the test is  €1.49  available until the 1st March 2018. (There is an extra discount on the test for people from India/China. You can buy the test for €0.99)

The test is also available in German, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish and French. It has been professionally translated. The entire C-Partnership website also has Google Translate installed, so feel free to browse the site in your own language)

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match and recognise

Once both partners have answered the questions, the results will be revealed. Couples will see a comparison table of their questions and answers. Any matches in answers are colour-coded so that the couple can recognise compatibility. Most of the questions are answered in an open format so that partners can answer in their own words and in detail. In addition to the questions, the participating couple will receive useful information about Partnership, Marriage and Preparing for a Family.

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