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Forum Conditions

a) User entries
The following rules apply for the blog and forum operated by Fit for Family on

Each user is responsible for the content of their posts and entries.
Entries or content that violates these conditions are considered as abuse and will be deactivated / deleted without notice by Fit for Family. Such entries are particularly given in the following cases:

  • conscious entry of false information,
  • making entries with the purpose of advertising the user´s or third party´s company,
  • forwarding a user to pecuniary internet order phone services,
  • expression of offensive, racist, obscene, threatening, abusive or otherwise infringing content,
  • publishing personal data of third parties without their consent,
    posting immoral material via graphics, images, texts etc.,
  • reopening already deactivated / deleted topics or items.

b) Liability for content
The user is solely responsible for the content of his profile and his forum entries. Neither the law nor these terms and conditions must be violated with an entry. The user also refrains from transmitting any data or contents which infringes rights of third parties (e.g. trademark rights, copyrights, personal rights, etc.). With transmitting the data, the user confirms that his data is not infringing any rights, breaking any laws or these terms. As the operator, Fit for Family is not responsible for any incorrect information provided by the users in their profiles or entries in the forum. Furthermore, as the service provider, Fit for Family is not responsible for external information, as long as Fit for Family has no knowledge of any illegal content. Once Fit for Family becomes aware or is informed by users on the illegality of content, Fit for Family shall immediately delete the relevant content or block access to the content.

c) Entries by Fit for Family, Copyright
Entries written and published by Fit for Family are protected under German copyright. If content published in the forum is not created by Fit for Family itself, third-party copyright is observed. Copying, modification, distribution and every kind of application outside of the limits of copyright law require written approval of the author or creator of the content.

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