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We are passionate about providing tools and information to assist Christians in their daily life. We also offer events and seminars throughout the year for Singles, Families and Schools/Churches. These events are available in both English and German. Currently, most of our events/seminars are hosted in Germany or South Africa. However, if you would like one of these events to be hosted in your city, we can help you do it. Please get in touch with us!

Main Events Available

School & Church Seminars:

  • Family Life Seminar – Students will be taken through the Family Life Manuals. These manuals aim to prepare young people in thinking about Godly romantic relationships/marriage and the roles within marriage/family.
  • Finance Seminar – This seminar takes students through the Fit For Family Finance Manual.  Advises them how to run their finances from a young age and how to make wise financial decisions for themselves and their families.

Family Seminar:

  • Fit For Family Seminar – We invite you to join the Fit for family Retreat for Married or Engaged Church Couples for a special time away. You will learn more about your spouse, work on some important areas in your relationship, and most importantly, have fun with other Christians. You will be provided with a wealth of great materials, such as: the Christian Partnership Test, The Fit for Family Course with accompanying manuals as well as the leadership and insight of Christian Pälchen, founder of ICS and FitforFamily.

Single Events:

  • Singles Day Event – Are you single and praying for the right person to come across your path? We invite you to join us at the Christian Singles Day. You will be able to casually socialise with other Christians, take part in some fun activities and do a speed dating session. This event gives you a chance to meet eligible Christian men and women. It is never easy meeting people. This event creates a non-threatening and safe environment to allow like-minded singles to mingle.
  • Single Evening Event – Are you a single Christian, looking to meet other believers in a safe and fun environment? We invite you to join us for a fun Singles Evening Meet-up.  An event where you can meet other single Christians from your church and the surrounding community. We’ll be hearing from a brilliant guest speaker as they cover an interesting and relevant topic. There will be a fun speed-dating session that aims to give you the opportunity to talk to other attendees and possibly find your match. Our goal is to help people to reach the stages of dating and marriage in a way that is pleasing to God.

Find out when the next Singles event is happening below or host one yourself here.  These events are also available in German.

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