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Free Teacher Manual & School Materials

With International Christian Schools (ICS), you have a wealth of information at your fingertips. Various teaching manuals and helpful school materials are provided for partners of ICS. Information about Computer Hardware, Teaching Methods, International Trends, Learning Contracts and worksheets will inspire you to bring life and freshness into the classroom.

ICS offers you hundreds of the best Internet links for schools worldwide (from Office to Education, from PR to Fundraising… and more). You can also have access to a free Christian School Concept. Take advantage of these brilliant materials and manuals today and become a tool in bringing high quality education to the next generation with ICS.

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Free Finance Advice manual

Free Finance Advice Manual For Families available as a PDF download.

Finances are an important topic today. To use your money in a godly way, to get real finance knowledge based on life experience and the knowledge of a trained banker are some of the benefits of the ICS finance Manual. The ICS Finance Manual offers you an Instrument to rethink each bigger Investment through a questionnaire System. This questionnaire is designed as a template to copy it and to use it for all your important financial decisions. Beside that you will get General principals and thought at your Hand to help you to make the right decisions. All relevant fields of Family finances from the daily life decisions to buying a house to the old age Pension Fonds questions. You will find help!

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Free Christian Church Singles Concept

Is your congregation filled with unmarried individuals who are frustrated with trying to find a Christian spouse? Church-hopping and hours of Internet chat rooms are not the solution for those who wish to socialise with other unmarried members of the body of Christ. ICS offers great ideas and on how church leaders can support the singles in your congregation and bring them together in a godly and safe environment. ICS also provides materials that can be used at these meetings.

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Free ICS - School Founding Concept

The vision of ICS-Christian School Founding is to bring TOP-Christian-Education to every country in the world. By partnering with ICS, churches and Christian Institutions are supplied with a support platform and a Network for their School Founding project through non-profit consulting, conferences, helpful materials and more. Christian Pälchen is available to be booked as a consultant.

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Conference of Co-operation

Do you want to share your knowledge with Christian Schools? Are you interested in getting to know other like-minded students and educators? Then the Conference of Co-operation is for you; it is the first conference that aims to connect schools, companies, universities, school-founders and experts. By being a part of this conference, no matter your life-stage, you become part of the positive change that will motivate the next generation to move forward. Teachers, university students, experts, companies and organisations are invited to attend this unique event. To find out when the next event will be taking place, email us, or contact us if you would like to offer your venue to host a Conference of Co-operation.

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Free Life Skills Course for Youth

In order to cultivate future generations that live lives that are pleasing to God, the Church needs to step in the gap and become an instrument for change. Not all youth are raised in Christian homes and it is time that local churches commission their youth groups to go out and instil a Christian world-view and life skills in the lives of impressionable teens. Pastors, youth leaders and spiritual parents, this is your opportunity to offer courses in godly values and life lessons in the areas of finances, dating, career choices, marriage and more. Find out how ICS can assist you in starting a course in your church.

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Free Life Skills Conference Concept for Youth

The Life Skills conference concept encourages churches to provide a platform for professionals and youth to come together. Attractive workshops which run training and education in general life skills will attract youth of all backgrounds, and if the courses are run by the church then it provides an opportunity to also share the Gospel and to encourage our future generations to pursue ethical and Biblical practices in their lives. You can partner with ICS to host this type of event.CLICK HERE
The following link will direct you to the article in JOY! Magazine about the concept: CLICK HERE

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Free Christian Non-Profit Consulting

Christian-Non-Profit-Consulting is an organisation that has recognised the worldwide potential for companies, universities, students, graduates, specialist and senior specialists to help Christian non-profit organisations with their needs.Their function is to connect both sides, so that knowledge and funds can be shared and received in a professional manner. Both the specialists and the NPOs who seek the advice or financial help, will benefit from using the Christian-Non-Profit-Consulting platform. Students can have the opportunity to earn an income; these terms are to be discussed between the NPO and the student.Further than offering expertise, NPOs can apply for private credit loans or donations. We will provide both parties with step-by-step instructions and tips to help you through the credit process. For more info:

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Free Christian Students Exchange & Study Programs Platform

The Christian Students Exchange and Study Programs offers a unique free platform for students and parents to browse exchange programs that are offered by Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities. By using the free search function, browsers can get an overview of all the incredible places that are opening their doors to Christian exchange students. Through the website, ICSESP also offers Christian educational institutions a tool to display and promote their student-exchange program at a low fee.

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Free Partnership Review

Today we live in a fast world. Every one is in a hurry. We as Christians have to take Jesus as an example to slow down, because he did it. He took time for himself. You, as a Couple have to do the same. You have to reflect on your relationship, access if you are still doing well or if something is not going well. We need to take regular breaks to access our relationships and this is what the FitforFamily partnership Review is designed for. It will help you to reflect and guide you with questions and suggestions.

Free FitForFamily Family Review

Today we live in a fast world. Every is in a hurry. We as Christians have to take Jesus as an example to slow down, because he did it. He took time for himself. You as a Family has to do the same. You have to reflect on your relationship, access if you are still doing well or if something is not going well. We need to take regular breaks to reflect and review our marriage and family life.

This is what the FitforFamily partnership Review is designed for. It will help you to reflect on yourself, your family and your marriage. It offers a helpful guide with questions to assist you.

Free Family goals

Download and print a 2-page poster for a fun family-planning experience. As a family, it is important to have goals and tasks that you wish to achieve together. Whether it is planning for a family holiday, saving up for something that the family can enjoy or building a tree-house, this poster will give you some useful tips about how to plan and work together so that any goal is peacefully achieved and creates a time of family-bonding. The second page of the PDF offers space for you to write in before working towards your goal; we encourage you to laminate the poster and reuse it for numerous projects by writing on it with a non-permanent marker.

Free 2017 Calendar

The Interactive FitforFamily 2017 calendar offers you many new items like a regular reminder for important aspects in a Christian Family life, it offers you support in learning Bible verses as a Family.You will also find plenty of great Information for
important dates during the year like your medical check up, Easter or Holiday preparation at the QR-Webpage. In addition to that there is plenty of space on the calendar for your daily enrollments.

Free Singles Evening & Daytime Event Package

Sign up to purchase a Singles Event Box and you will receive tools to help you advertise, organise and successfully host a Singles Event in your community. In the package, you will receive:
Beautifully designed flier templates to help you advertise the event different event options. You can fill it in with your own dates, contact details etc…


Fit for Family’s goal is to help young people who are in the foundation of a their relationship, to reach the stages of marriage and parenting in a way that is pleasing to God. Our focus is on educating and informing young adults and youth of what to expect when they reach these stages of life. Topics in the Fit For Family Course include: The General Foundations for a Good Relationship, General Principles for Raising Children, Components of Family Life, Practical Tips and Ideas for a Good Family Life and most importantly, looking at what God says to us in His Word. For more info:


Being in a relationship and finding your spouse meets the most important level of the various needs of each individual. Fit For Family offers a unique Matching Test for couples that are interested in their compatibility levels. The pertinent questions in the questionnaire can provide conversational topics and highlight areas that need to be discussed and worked on within your relationship. This test is guaranteed to lay a good foundation for your relationship and help you in making the right decision about entering into a marriage covenant. To do the test, please visit:


To be somebody special, to be valued and prioritised, we need to be connected with the one person that God has planned for us. The Fit For Family courses and accompanying booklets will assist you in understanding why the family unit is so important. Learn about what the Word of God says on this topic and find out whether marriage is for you, what you can expect if you do get married and how to prepare for this life-long partnership. Practical tips, discussion points, statistics and Scripture will inform you and prepare you for a successful marriage that is pleasing to God.


As well as being manual for young couples and students, there is also an accompanying manual for teachers, youth leaders and pastors. The Facilitator’s Manual includes additional discussion points, statistics, homework assignments and activities that can be done with a study group while following the content of the Student Manual. Highlighted tips and teaching methods will help seasoned or new educators and pastors to bring an informed perspective to preparing for partnership.

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