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Finance Coaching

There are many financial problems you might face in today’s life, and none of them have an easy solution.

Maybe your finances are currently out of order. Maybe you’re just thinking about old age pension preparation. Maybe you’re thinking about starting a new business. With the COVID situation, maybe you want to secure your finances from inflation, or better weather a lockdown, or you are an expat in Germany who need support for the German market.

It doesn’t matter where you are right now, from having a generally healthy financial situation to struggling significantly with your finances. Finance management can be beneficial for any situation.

That’s where Christian Pälchen comes in. As a Christian entrepreneur and investor, he can help you readjust your finances from a Christian perspective, re-centering Christ in your financial life so you can push forward with your financial health and freedom.

From startup consulting to offshore finance service help and beyond, you deserve to have a top-tier financial advisor to help you with your financial needs.

Remember, financial advising isn’t about fixing all your financial problems for you directly. It’s about restructuring the way in which you view money. A financial coaching service won’t move your money for you; it’ll give you the tools you need to do it yourself.

Get your finances under control today. Contact Christian Pälchen to start your finance management process and do something more with your money.

Financial Coaching Services

Are you having a hard time with your financial health? Have finances caused a rift in your marriage? Do you feel like you don’t know how to honor Christ through your finances? If any of these things sound like you, don’t worry. This is a surprisingly common occurrence among many Christians who are looking for financial freedom in a world that tends to prioritize short-term pleasure over long-term health. Your financial health is important and getting out of your financial rut should be one of your top priorities.
A financial coach is one of the best investments you can make in your personal finance management. With help from a financial coach, you can transition your financial concerns into something you can fix yourself.
Christian Pälchen is the Christian entrepreneur, broker, and investor you’re looking for to help you with your financial issues. Whether you need financial advice for families, for parents, for youth, for established individuals, or for people with no financial experience at all, Christian can help you get your finances under control.

One of the best parts of a financial coach is the ability to learn more from someone with experience. Christian Pälchen has years of experience in national and international financial areas. That experience includes studies in Education Management and Education Business at the Universities of Hannover and Oldenburg, a BA in Social Work, and a Master of Education.
Reaching financial independence doesn’t have to be the challenge that you’re probably foreseeing. When you work through coaching with Christian Pälchen, you can gather the tools you need to do it yourself.

About your Coach

Christian Pälchen is a Christian Entrepreneur, Broker and Investor with many years of experience in the field of finances- nationally and internationally. If you are looking for a personal coach who will help you in whichever level you require, you have found what you are looking for.

Christian is the founder and CEO of fitforfamily, Change-through-Education, ICS-Christian-School-Founding and ICSESP. He has studied Education management and Education Business at the renowned Universities of Hannover and Oldenburg. He is a trained Sparkassenkaufmann (German Bank Organization) and Educator (a BA in Social Pedagogic/Social Work and a Master (EQ.) of Education.

Reach your financial independence and peace with Christian!

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Make More Money. Thrive in Business.

After the coaching you will be able to save a few thousand dollars per year if you follow the instructions. If your aim is:

  • To get financial knowledge for your daily life – then this is the right coaching choice
  • To get stock market knowledge – then this is the right coaching choice
  • To prepare for your first property purchase – then this is the right coaching choice
  • To prepare your finances against an economic crisis – then this is the right coaching choice
  • To build up finances for your retirement – then this is the right coaching choice
  • The coaching is individual. I accompany you in reaching you goal.

Extra, individual, long-term coaching is available, based on some conditions, on personal request

Coaching is via Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp or your platform of choice.

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Booking system with free bookable slots or free times on Saturday from 2:45 PM to 9:15 PM.

3 Time Slots: European Central Time.
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1 Hour $ 70 4 Hours $ 199
Special Offer The first coaching hour is Free

We offer much lower fees if necessary. Do not hesitate to Email me.

Further times on request (Booking section 3 time slots).

Extra Coaching on request with individual fees. Waiting for your reply.
Yours, Christian Pälchen

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The content of the workshops is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer, recommendation or invitation to buy. Fitforfamily does not provide investment advice. This applies to all communication channels (e.g. by telephone, newsletter, email and post or in the comments).


As a newcomer to Christian Pälchen’s financial coaching services, you’ll get the ICS finance manual. This is the basis of the coaching process; basic coaching takes you through the finance manual using two 2-hour sessions, giving you plenty of time to understand the manual and apply it to your personal situation. If you’re looking for even more personalized coaching, you can add additional coaching sessions.

The base financial coaching service is $199 USD. This price includes the ICS finance manual and two 2-hour individual sessions with Christian Pälchen. If you’re looking for more coaching, whether it’s just a few more sessions or it’s a long-term coaching arrangement, you can set that up with Christian directly for additional fees.

Everyone deserves financial coaching that targets where they’re at. You can’t just look at a prewritten process and utilize that as financial coaching. Finance management is all about individual changes and personalization. That’s why Christian Pälchen can walk you through the process through an online screenshare or through a more direct appointment.

As a Christian, you want to make sure that your faith is an important element of everything you do. As you work through your financial problems, you want to center God in the solutions you build. Financial coaching from a Christian perspective makes it easier for you to do exactly that. While your faith may not directly guide your financial decisions, it should be an important element of them.

The choice is clear: Christian Pälchen’s financial coaching services can help you create the financial future you’re looking for. Contact FitForFamily today, providing a short summary of the topics you’re looking to discuss, so you can start your journey.

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