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Family Life Preparation Course For Churches
Fit For Family Manual with Video
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Become prepared for life and marriage, by investing in these courses and improving your life and relationships.

Our FitforFamily Video course is constructed as a step by step working course – for both engaged and married couple. You can decide as a couple how long you need to stay on one topic as this is an online video and you are able to watch a segment several times. The course is constructed to be viewed in combination with the manual, so that you get input from the speaker, and also have the manual containing the key statements, and space to note thoughts and discussions. Above you can see the topics of this course. May God bless you!

Please note that this is a video course.

Please note that we support caring for the environment. All of our products are available via download. This encourages an environmentally friendly approach – no cost of transport, time-saving, more flexible using your own print abilities and it is more cost efficient.

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Contents of Manual

General Foundations for a Good Relationship

• LOVE- feelings and actions
• We (unity) under God
• Communication: verbal and  non-verbal
• Meeting of our needs: sexual, financial, emotional…
• Trust – honesty- safety
• Faith: God – We (me and you) The Bible is our guide everything!
• Life plans and goals

General Principles for Raising Childern
• Clarity
• Show Them The Best Love
• Authenticity
• Faith: God, The Bible
• Trustworthy, Reliable
• Culture of Knowledge
• Gods’ Model for Men/Women, Mothers/Fathers, etc.
• Develop their God-given Gifts
• Provide for Them
• Warm-hearted / Caring
• Respect
• Own Experiences
• Faith: God, The Bible
• Develop their God-given Gifts

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